Anti-nuclear week will finally take place from 5 to 11 October.

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Yes, we made a mess, with a first postponement announcement in early July, and finally a second postponement in October. It was too early for the organization, and it was difficult to predict how the state would react. We had a lot of doubts about when and how. But, in any case, it seemed important to us to get together, to organize ourselves together and to continue to exchange on these subjects. So we still want to launch this anti-nuclear week. This time it will be the right one, the anti-nuclear week will take place in October or it won’t!

This event will take place from October 5th to 11th. We also invite you to come, the week before, to help prepare the place and participate in the organization (so from September 28th). A more precise article on the contents of the week will be communicated in September (on


The idea remains the same, to have diverse and varied workshops around the histories and practices of anti-nuclear struggles. Well, we need to relaunch the whole organization, but as a reminder here are our desires:

What strategies have been thought out and implemented in the past, what action techniques have existed, have they been victorious or not and in what political and repressive context (in France, but also in Germany and elsewhere)?

We will talk about the struggles against the installation of power plants in the 1970s and 1980s, the movements against radioactive transport, the struggles of nuclear workers, the decades of resistance against ANDRA and its nuclear wastebasket, Cigeo, the extractivism and colonialism of Orano, etc.

In the light of all this history, we will try to think about the present and our future actions. Drawing inspiration from the past to think about the future will give us strength in the face of an overwhelming nuclear state.

In addition to discussions and debates, there will be walks, workshops, exhibitions and much more.

Throughout the week, there will be free time for the program. We look forward to your proposals for workshops and discussions.

Sleep, food and space

The vast majority of the programme will take place at the House of Resistance in Bure but the dormitories will be divided between Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois. The period is likely to be uncertain in terms of temperature, but some work has already taken place and will continue. It will also be possible to have a camping area, and for the trucks they will be a few kms away in another place. It is possible to envisage other types of bedding on request (accessible PRM, room at the inhabitant’s home, layout of spaces, etc.). If you have specific needs, write to us, we will try to find solutions. We offer a children’s area for children of all ages, but it might be convenient for us if you let us know in advance so that we can understand your needs.

The canteen will be vegan, we’ll need all the willing arms (don’t hesitate to tell us specific diets). If you can cook for 200 people, that’s great and we’d be delighted if you’d participate in the canteen. You can write to lambic (at) if you want more information/ have questions/etc.


There will be a translation team, we don’t know yet in which languages but we hope as much as possible. Write to us if you have a request on this or if you can help us.

Contact email address: semaineantinuk @@@

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