Solidarity with Abtin Parsa and anarchists from Iran

Note from Anarchist Bure Cross: in this article, we relay (too late) the call for a week of solidarity (12th-19th of July 2021) with the anarchist Abtin Parsa, published by the Federation of Anarch...   Lire la suite



Festival Les Bure’lesques 2021: cancelled and postponed !

Les Bure’lesques Festival : see you next year ! Our team was almost prepared to launch the 2021 edition. The festival was eagerly awaited for the 6-8 August. The program was packed and totall...   Lire la suite


Teaser for the rayonnantes camp (August 16-26)

Originally published on We have been sent the video teaser of the rayonnantes camp, from august 16th to 26th. Also, this website has more information, so don’t hesitate to ch...   Lire la suite


Festive and determined gatherings near Bure [20-23 august]

The call to action appeared (in French) on Nantes indymedia :   Festive and determined gatherings from Friday 20 to Monday 23 August 2021 near Bure ...   Lire la suite


L’Affranchie threatened

On July 8, the trial to annul the sale of L’Affranchie will take place. L’Affranchie was bought about 3 years ago by two people opposed to the Cigeo project. Since then, the house is co...   Lire la suite


Bure supports la Borie !

On June 2, during the 123 Trial, in Bar-le-Duc, we learned of the eviction of La Borie, a quite 30-year-old squat in the Cévennes. In response and in support of our friends, a banner was made in fr...   Lire la suite


Cigéo’s DUP : Stakes of a Fool’s Game

You can find this article in booklet format here: Cigeo’s DUP – english – june 2021 (pdf) — odt What is the DUP ? The Déclaration d’Utilité Publique (DUP), which translates ...   Lire la suite


Nancy: Relay antenna fires, 4 years, 2 in prison for B.

Posted on 2021/05/29 by Anarchist Bure Cross Publié le 25 mai 2021 par Attaque Imprisoned since his indictment on September 24th 2020, for the burning of two relay antennas in the Jura during the f...   Lire la suite


June 11, 2021: International day of solidarity with Marius Mason & all long-term anarchist p...

Posted on 2021/05/24 by Anarchist Bure Cross Below, we republish a call initially published on Against another year of state encroachment, against the restriction of free moveme...   Lire la suite


Les rayonnantes, anti-nuclear camp [16-26 august next to Bure]

More informations on the website From august 16 to 26 next to Bure, Let’s meet against the deadly nuclear power and its world of dominations. Where they want to bu...   Lire la suite



Open letter to you who shares memories with Bure

In 1995 you trumbled as you took to the streets in Bar-le-Duc with thousands of Meuse residents protesting angrily against the laboratory project in Bure, In 2002 you pitched your tent with hundred...   Lire la suite


June trial – 123 practical infos!

June 123 is approaching! Call text in english and posters here. And as you know, many people are working to organize a great mobilization for these three days 🙂 So we wanted to send you some PRACTI...   Lire la suite