Anti-nuclear week – Event postponed

In view of the context, April’s Anti-Nuclear Week is postponed. It will take place from Monday 29 June to Sunday 5 July. The theme remains of course the same and we will keep you informed of ...   Lire la suite


Anti-prison week : program / practical informations

Note : the up-to-date version of the program is available on the website of the Anarchist Bure Cross. The anti-prison week is in less than a month! It will happen from 2 to 8 march 2020 in the old ...   Lire la suite


Bure: the nuclear zeal of justice (10. November 2018)

A long read of events in Bure in the Meuse, East of France and how anti terrorist and organised crime laws of June 2016 have been used against activists. Human translation of article in the French ...   Lire la suite


20-26th APRIL: Antinuclear week at Bure

From the 20th to the 26th of april there will be a week at the Maison de la Resistance in Bure on the history and practices of antinuclear struggles. 7 days of discussions, workshops, conferences a...   Lire la suite


A walk in the Bois Lejuc – december 21st (video)

Next to Bure, the Andra plans to cut the Bois Lejuc to build the ventilation shafts of Cigéo, its project of a center for burrying radioactive waste. These past days, even though the Andra (still) ...   Lire la suite


Movies about the struggle

Bogues ! (June 2017) Film written and directed by all the crazy owls who wanted to participate. Bois Lejuc. June 2017 Andra’s gates have fallen (February 2017) On February 18, a huge processi...   Lire la suite


An anti-prison week in march 2020!

An anti-prison week will take place near Bure, on the grounds of the former Luméville railway station, from 2 to 8 march 2020. The idea is to take the time to meet, between people and groups from d...   Lire la suite


Sexism everywhere, forgetfulness nowhere

This article is an answer to : We were not present at this evening and so it is through the article that you publish and ...   Lire la suite


Sexist aggression and hierarchy of struggles in Bure

Testimony originally published at don’t know how to write this text without letting sadness overwhelm me. But I’ll do me best. On 31/08/2019 ...   Lire la suite


brochure & manual. Trainstopping -intervening in Rail Transport. Blockade & sabotage of...

Exhibition: Trainstopping, Intervening in Rail Transport. Blockade & sabotage of rail traffic in the context of the anti-nuclear movement brochure & manual ==>   Lire la suite


Nuclear state = Police state   Nuclear state = Police state In the pre-evening of the manif against the nuclear waste-dump — project CIGEO « Vent de Bure » at Nancy — we attacke...   Lire la suite



CADAR ACHE: A HUGE ATOMIC FUNFAIR 30 KM FROM FORCALQUIER On the banks of the Durance is the largest nuclear research centre in Europe. Covering over 1620 hectares there no less than 19 civil and mi...   Lire la suite