Solidarity with Danni’s occupation !

    Since more than a year, Danni forest (Germany) is occupied. The compagny Deges wants to make the A49 longer, passing through Danni forest. They have already cut 85 hectare of forest and since a...   Lire la suite


Call for actions – POMA is going to get buried !

Published on indymedia nantes : Original website : [CONTEXT] Several local an...   Lire la suite


Crowdfunding campaign “Support revolution in Belarus” by ABC Belarus

Article first published in french on Original english version on Bureburebure note : ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) are anarchist groups supporting incarcerated people...   Lire la suite


You will not lock down our struggles!

Article found on indymedia Nantes : Bure : an alarm was set off in a drilling box. In order to oppose the Cigeo project (radioactive waste burial project...   Lire la suite


The DUP file is published

We inform you that the declaration of public utility (DUP) demand file was published. It is available here (french) : It is around 4000 pages b...   Lire la suite


From monday october 26th, let’s block nuclear fuel convoy

First published on News from the Flamanville EPR. From monday october 26th, a nuclear fuel convoy will leave Roman-sur-Isère towards the Flamanville EPR (European pressurised reactor...   Lire la suite


RIEZ* – Plenty of posters against nuclear power !

In the beginning of September, the Engaged Image Meeting (“Rencontres de l’image engagée”, RIEZ) took place in Bure. For a few days, about forty people created posters, pictures, stickers and vario...   Lire la suite


Anti-nuclear week in Bure – Stories and practices from anti-nuclear struggles

Article updated here. It is time to give you the latest information about the program, logistics, technical details, what we need, etc. Enjoy the read, and see you from the 5th of October at the Ma...   Lire la suite


Videoconference with People from Stop Bzdurom (Stop Bullshit) collective about anti LGBTQ+ repres...

According to ILGA research for 2020 so called poland became the most homophobic country in EU. However it is not a suprise for any LGBTQ+ person who live there. The hostile homophobic and transphob...   Lire la suite


Anti-nuclear week will finally take place from 5 to 11 October.

Article updated here.   Our apologies, we didn’t have the possibility to organize ourselves to make a better translation, we produced a translation by deepl software. Yes, we made a mess...   Lire la suite


Radiaction Camp (near Lyon)

Published on Get out your trumpets and your pots and pans, because RadiAction is back in 2020! Yes, we are officially announcing the preparation of a n...   Lire la suite


Nuclear power – Sabotage of a drilling rig

Claim for the destruction of a drilling rig Andra [1] is planning to restore an old railway track that starts at Gondrecourt-le-Chateau to transport radioactive waste to its gigantic project of und...   Lire la suite