Bure: The return of owls

About the reoccupation of Lejuc wood in July 2019 Two months have passed since the news of the reoccupation of the forest was reported by the media. The violent evacuation immediately followed and ...   Lire la suite


Bure’s wind is coming : from 28 to 29 of september, be ready !

At the end of April we decided to postpone Vent de Bure, taking into account comments of local groups. THANK YOU for telling us what you needed and expect for this event. Postponing is not a decisi...   Lire la suite


Feminist, antinuclear Gathering

Surprise party and luminous future September 21st and 22nd 2019, near Bure (55) In Bure, north-eastern France, the State wants to bury the most dangerous of French nuclear system’s waste, hiding it...   Lire la suite



Bilan des arrestations // Record of the arrests Au total, depuis le début de la tentative de réoccupation, on a compté 17 arrestations : 8 personnes en vérification d’identité, toutes les per...   Lire la suite


Bure: the nuclear zeal of justice

A long read of events in Bure in the Meuse, East of France and how anti terrorist and organised crime laws of June 2016 have been used against activists. Human translation of article in the French ...   Lire la suite


Raids and arrests in Bure

https://de.indymedia.org/node/22037 https://de.indymedia.org/node/22035 http://de.vmc.camp/ On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, the fight against the CIGEO project was hit by a wave of house searches. At ...   Lire la suite


Statements to the Court from 2 Forest Defenders who were Remanded Following the Bois Lejuc Eviction

February 22nd, eviction of Bois Lejuc: The cops processed 32 people for identity control. Five people were taken to the remand centre for different reasons including outrage and rebellion (refusing...   Lire la suite


Tension is rising in the liberated forest, the blue team has opened the game – reinforcements nee...

Recently we published an emergency call-out concerning the situation of our fresh, small but active forest occupation standing against the nuclear monster Andra and its CIGEO plan. On 24th of Novem...   Lire la suite


Forest occupation in Bure, France: Come on and join us!

On the 1st of August, the nuclear monster Andra was ruled by the court to cease the clear cuts and fencing off the forest without legal permits. Today, 24th of November, the environmental authority...   Lire la suite


Call-out from a fresh forest occupation. Feel like joining us in and for this struggle?

Autumn has arrived – and as nights grow longer, we keep on struggling against the planned underground disposal facility for highly radioactive nuke waste (CIGEO) and the nuclear company Andra out a...   Lire la suite


Attack against a technical site of ANDRA

Not far from Bure, an analysis site of ANDRA was attacked by a few determined night owls. At Bure, in Meuse, power is trying by all its means to have accepted a nuclear waste landfill project 500 m...   Lire la suite


Anti-nuclear camp in Bure this summer

Translation of PDF leaflet ‘Bring your pickaxe‘ for an anti-nuclear camp – 1st-10th August We have 10 days to bury ANDRA! The management of nuclear waste hasn’t and never will have a solution. It w...   Lire la suite