Main local contact (except for the press – see below!) : sauvonslaforet [at] riseup (dot) net

Contact to come to Bure and surroundings : burezonelibre (at) riseup (dot) net

Number of the house of resistance : (+33) 3 29 45 41 77. If it doesn’t answer, you should call again later, because the messages left aren’t checked regularily (this number is listened to by the cops, we don’t like giving names on the phone).

Media / press contact (only for journalists) : automedia.bure [at] riseup (dot) net

Contact for the struggle comittees : burepartout [at] riseup (dot) net (PGP key available on

Key fingerprint : B4DC 7CB7 57DD 39D1 A984 3F34 E465 B5F0 DA21 3912

Anti-repression contact : arr [at] riseup (dot) net (public PGP key on the key servers)

Key fingerprint: 0EB6 0DCC F821 C330 89AF
DB4A 8B85 56EC D648 B3E2

Other contacts of people that also struggle against CIGEO :

Contact of the website : if you want to publish a text and you don’t have the credentiels, if you have technical questions (such as how a struggle committee can create an account to publish), bureburebure [at] riseup (dot) net

You can send encrypted emails to this address. You will find our public key either by asking it to us, or on a key server (the fingerprint is 9E48 D340 68C7 9CC2 93BC A989 C3B8 0FF3 CBCD 1BAF). Or you can download it from this link :

Contact for translations : if you want to help translating texts from the website (articles, brochures, film subtitles, … ) More information here (french) : traductions-bureburebure [at] riseup [point] net