All people can propose articles to the website

For (French) struggle committees :

Struggle committees can have an account to publish in « mémoire d’ailleurs » and have a dedicated insert for all their articles (example for Lyon (french)).

If you want to publish there are several possibilities.

If you are around a place that has the possibility to publish on the website, you can talk to the people who have the codes to ask how to publish on the website (do not hesitate to check if there is a struggle committee close to you (french), or if you are in meuse to pass in one of the places of struggle)

You are part of a struggle committee that don’t have any code yet. Send us an email to bureburebure (at) riseup (dot) net to ask us how to do. The best thing is to be able to physically see people from the struggle (in order to have a minimum of trust), so if you and your group are motivated, the inter-committees are a good moment to exchange on this subject and to ask for codes.

For other people :

You are isolated / you want to propose an article punctually / other reasons. You can propose an article directly to bureburebure (at) riseup (dot) net so that we publish it ourselves. If you do that we do not guarantee to be perfectly reactive.

In any case if you want your mails to be encrypted, a public key at bureburebure (at) is on the key servers with the following fingerprint: 9E48 D340 68C7 9CC2 93BC A989 C3B8 0FF3 CBCD 1BAF

You have a login and a code? Then this is where you can log in. If you are logging in for the first time, read the message below.


The fight in bure is particularly watched, so be careful on what you publish (do not leave trace on your unencrypted computer of the article being written, be careful about big brother Windows, if you have the operating system TAILS to publish it is the best). The administration is necessarily done through Tor (no other way). The site is supposed to be fine in terms of security, even if you have a publishing account, there are plenty of things you won’t have access to and that’s normal. When you arrive on the administration of the site for the first time, remember to read the publication guide. And if you have questions about computer security issues, or if you want technical advice / to organize local trainings, don’t hesitate to talk / send emails. (and if you like reading, there’s the digital self-defense guide (french)).


Editorial line:

On this website there is no editorial line. If you have an account there will be no moderation. On the other hand we don’t like oppressive contents nor what can put in danger people who have not been warned for that (in these cases modifications afterwards can be made / discussions will take place / the account will be deleted if it is serious)