Texts and videos

There are many other resources in French : texts, audio and video. If you would like to translate pamphlets, movie subtitles or articles from the website into English, please write to traductions-burebure [at] riseup [dot] net
Also, if you have other documents in English about Cigéo or nuclear energy that you would like to share here, you can send them to us!


Story and context of the struggle in Bure – geography of a nuclearized territory (with a map of the area around the lab) and chronology of the struggles (from 1987 to current issues of the DUP) (summer 2021)

Collection of articles in english published on bureburebure.info (oct.2020-july.2021)

Cigéo’s DUP : Stakes of a Fool’s Game : a text against Cigéo that popularizes and gives the stakes of Andra’s Request for Public Utility (June 2021)

Trainstopping : blockade & sabotage of rail traffic in the context of the anti-nuclear movement : Blocking and sabotaging rail traffic in the context of the anti-nuclear movement. (September 2019 – in French, German and English)

Playing and struggling with Bure (2017) : some information are outdated

Nuclear wastes : but you, what do you suggest ? (august 2016)


Bure été 2016 – automne 2017 (35 min)

Bure summer 2016 – fall 2017

Montage tracing some key dates in the struggle against Cigeo from summer 2016 to fall 2017.

English, Italian, German and French subtitles available.

Bogues ! (June 2017 ; 12 min)

Film written and directed by all the crazy owls who wanted to participate.

(there is no word in the video)

Or on youtube.

À Bure-les-Bains, on bois Lejus sans modération ! (august 2016 ; 2 min 30)

At Bure-les-Bains, we drink Lejuc without moderation! [pun intended for drinking juice and Bois Lejuc].

Film written and performed collectively in one inspired afternoon. Bois Lejuc. August 2016

(there is no word in the video)

Or on vimeo.

Bure – Tous n’ont pas dit oui (2013, 25 min)

A film by Alain Ries, with music by Patricia Dallio.
Tous n’ont pas dit oui (Not everyone said yes) traces the struggle of all those who, since 1994 in a small remote corner of eastern France, have tenaciously opposed the steamroller of the nuclear lobby.
English, Italian, German and French subtitles available.

Bure ou les ruines toxiques de la modernité (2016 ; 23 min)

Bure or the toxic ruins of modernity

A documentary about the reoccupation and opposition in the Lejuc forest in July-August 2016, made by DOC du réel.

English, Italian, German and French subtitles available.

Les grilles de l’Andra sont tombées (february 2017, 5 min)

Andra’s gates have fallen

On February 18, a huge procession left Lejuc Woods to head towards Andra. A crowd of several hundred people then surrounded one of the buildings, the ecotheque, and rained down its gates in a rain of tear gas and de-crystallization grenades. This video recalls a moment of rare intensity when the nuclear fortress suddenly seemed no longer so impregnable. Several friends were seriously injured by the police that day…

(there is no word in the video)

Or on youtube.

Déclare ta flamme à l’ANDRA (février 2017 ; 3 min)

Declare your flame to ANDRA

Torchlight walk in front of the Andra.

(there is no word in the video)

Or on youtube.

Poubelle la vie (2015, 58 min)

Trash life

An Automedia film about Bure and the struggle against the burying of nuclear waste, the future and the challenges of the monstrous « Cigéo project », imposed by the psychopathic technocrats ANDRA and EDF.
This is also an emergency statement, a call to mobilization & to strengthen this international resistance struggle and inevitably decisive for the generations to come.

English and French subtitles available.

Or on archives.org.

Pump up the Riot ! (2005, 4 min)

Protest in front of the ANDRA lab in 2005.

(there is no word in the video)

Or on youtube.