The Bois Lejuc

From june 2016 to july 7th 2016 ; from august 15th 2016 to february 22th 2018 and in july 2019, the bois Lejuc was occupied by people, preventing preparation work (clear cutting the forest and drilling to test the ground). ANDRA is planning to put the ventilation pipes here, and storage of radioactive waste would be under the forest.

In summer 2016, ANDRA started to cut the forest without authorization. An “infinite picnic” took place in june 19th starting the occupation and destroying ANDRA’s fences.

After 3 weeks, the occupation was evicted at 6 am on july 7th.

On july 16th 2016, first call to reoccupation

The reoccupation demo was met with severe repression. People managed to get in the forest but decided to leave it after 5 days.

After that, ANDRA built a wall around the forest to prevent people from entering. This wall was built without authorisation.

Wall built by ANDRA

ANDRA is condemned for building without authorization and on august 15th a demonstration went inside the forest to destroy the wall and succeeded completely.

Pieces of the wall destroyed after the demo on august 15th 2016

After this, the occupation settled in the forest and one inhabitant “Sven Lindstrom” officially declared living in the forest. The eviction is pronounced by the court in march 2017. Below are somes images of the living places that were built in the forest during the second occupation.

The communale, house of Sven Lindstrom


A treehouse


The “piraterie”, a collective living place in the south of the forest


The north barricade


The « Dracab »


Après l’annonce de la décision d’expulsion, une affiche était parue en réponse.

Below is a movie from summer 2017 that shows the forest a bit.

Besides the occupation there is a judicial case about ANDRA legally owning the forest. On May 18th, 2017, the town council voted again to sell the forest to ANDRA. The village of 130 inhabitants looked like there was a international counter summit on that day.

Cops around the town council on 18th may 2017 in Mandres-en-Barrois

This case, supported by 30 inhabitants, is still ongoing.

On february 22th 2018 at 6 am, the bois Lejuc is evicted by 500 cops. On the same day the house of resistance in Bure is invaded by the cops.

On 3-4 march 2018, an “inter-commitee” week-end was supposed to be organized in the forest. During this week-end, a demo went towards the forest, cornered by a huge number of cops. Since 22th february 2018, the cops continuously occupy the bois Lejuc…

Below is a map of the bois Lejuc, the treehouses shown on the map were entirely destroyed since the eviction.

In July 2019, the bois Lejuc was occupied for the 3rd time, for a few days…

At the beginning of 2021, there are movement detectors to warn the Gendarmerie of the arrival of walkers. ANDRA is still planning to build its galleries and other ventilation pipes in this area…