20-26th APRIL: Antinuclear week at Bure

From the 20th to the 26th of april there will be a week at the Maison de la Resistance in Bure on the history and practices of antinuclear struggles. 7 days of discussions, workshops, conferences and exchanges on the history of our struggles and most of all the history of our practices in these struggles. What strategies were thought up and put into practice in the past, what methods of action existed, were they successful or not and in which political and repressive context? We will talk about the struggles against the implantation of nuclear power stations in the seventies and the eighties, the struggles against radioactive transports, the struggles of the workers from the nuclear sector, the decennies of resistance against the ANDRA and its nuclear trashcan. It will also therefore be the moment to take some time to talk about nuclear power: How far has the cigeo project got, extractivism and colonialism by Orano in Niger, Kazakhstan, etc.

With regard to this history, we will try to think about the present and our future actions. Inspiring ourselves from the past to think about the future, something to give us strength against the all-crushing nuclear state.

To add to these discussions and debates, there will be walks, radio, workshops, expositions, and lots of other stuff. Bring your proposals, there will also be free time. The program is not finished yet, we will tell you more soon. But start talking about it to people around you. We are preparing a big and nice event.

The great majority of the program will be in the maison de la résistance in Bure but the sleepings and campings will be spread between Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois. It is possible to find other types of sleeping accomodation (weelchair accessible, room in a house, specially adapted spaces), if you have specific needs, write us, we will try to find solutions.

The canteen will be vegan, we will need all volontary hands (don’t hesitate to tell us about special eating habits). And there will be a translation team, we don’t know for what languages yet but we hope the most possible. Write us if you have a request on the subject or if you want to help.

Contact email: semaineantinuk (at) riseup.net

Website for more information: bureburebure.info


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