AUTOMEDIA Sessions the 1st & 2nd of April

Whether it is for big events or on a daily basis, practicing automedia in a collective manner is useful to :

  • Produce ourselves the information we want to, withouth depending upon the traditional media (which often belong to private capitals)
  • Throw off the stale stereotypes of many journalists, by taking our own decisions on how we communicate
  • Foster the plurality in communicating and avoid Spokenperson’s position (which is often favoured in interviews produced by traditional media)
  • Diversify formats (writing, video, pictures, sound, flyers, websites…)
  • Learn how to create information all together and overcome our concerns on media and communication
  • Carry out media monitoring (to know what we are told about in media and how to react and respond to)


We want to make righlty visible the fight against Cigéo and its unfair nuclear world. But we must be aware to stay the course in a fair way to avoid sensationalism, monotonous tone, spokenpersonification and socialnetwork geeking.


Automedia sessions in Bure?

We want to meet all together to discuss, think and share knowledges and practices on automedia. We can also create contents (writing, sound, photos, flyers…) and think on how to spread the word. For this meeting, we can act individually, in small or bigger groups.

Running automedia on our own and in a collective prospect, questionning our needs and uses of automedia, gathering together to create contents and/or share technicals and knowledges.

We want the ‘Automedia session’ to be a regular rendez-vous (we will decide on it during this first session). Don’t panic if you don’t take part in the first session: there will be plenty of it later 😉

This first ‘Automedia session’ is open to everyone who want to practice automedia ‘just for a while’ or in an ongoing way. Local peoples, beginners, passing persons, curious or advanced ones… you are all welcome. There is no particular mixity for this session (just to be clear that this should not be confused with the nice and recent Feminist Automedia Autoformation event in Decembre 2020 (withought cis guys)).

If you have already prepared something and you want to speak about it, you can come with your works. Here, you are likely to meet people who can help you to compete it. The ‘Automedia sessions’ are not ready-made: they will be organised as everyone wants to. Just enjoy and feel free to propose and do what you want to do! You can also bring your tools (sound records, graphism…).

When and where?

Let’s meet on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of April 2021 at ‘Maison de Résistance’ in Bure, from 10 am.

For sleeping: mix dormitories, no cis-guys mixity room and a PRM room are available. Vegan menus can be prepared and adapted to your diet (gluten-free and others) for free price. Whatever you need to prepare your venue, you can contact ‘Maison de Résistance’ at burezonelibre (at) riseup (point) net or +33(0) (/!\ the phone may be under police surveillance. Don’t tell names on the phone).


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