(poland) The biggest blockade against felling trees in the Carpathian Forest – activists occupy the endangered forest 219a.

In the first days of January, a large-scale campaign was started by
activists calling themselves the Wolfens Collective. The group declares that they will remain in the forest as long as it is necessary to
protect the area. They ask for a complete stop of fellings in the
natural forests bordering the Bieszczady National Park.

The activists blocked the access road to the endangered forest with
ingenious rope constructions and tree houses. They have enough equipment to create infrastructure necessary to survive the winter in the
mountains, and declare they will live there until the protection of the
primeval forest is ensured. The group presents itself as an
intersectional collective. They have written in their manifesto that
they believe they can to function as they would like the world to
function – without hierarchy, domination of people over other beings,
patriarchy, queerphobia and fascism. With radical empathy and care.

The forest 219a has a rich history. Until 1945 not any tree had been cut
there. Then an exclusive group of hunters “ruled” over the forest and
prevented it of being cut. Now it is planned that 30% of the trees would
be cut. There has never been a cutting of such a scale there.

This forest falls under the Nature 2000 area “Bieszczady” and is
directly adjacent to the Bieszczady National Park. Due to its unique
degree of wilderness it could have been made a natural reserve by the
Foundation for the Preservation of Natural Heritage. The average age of
the trees there is 120-160 years. This forest is home to among others,
the Ural Tawny owl and the white-backed woodpecker which are protected bird species. It also hosts 13 species of protected mosses, lichens and liverworts. Mountain forests have the capacity of storing water. They protect the whole country from droughts and floods.


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