RIEZ* – Plenty of posters against nuclear power !

In the beginning of September, the Engaged Image Meeting (“Rencontres de l’image engagée”, RIEZ) took place in Bure. For a few days, about forty people created posters, pictures, stickers and various other images to support the struggle against the burying of radioactive waste – not here, not elsewhere, nowhere at all – and against the whole nuclear power.

In total, several hundred posters were printed, using silkscreen printing, risograph printing, engraving, letterpress printing, etc. Most of them were scattered, especially when they were made available during the anti-nuclear week, hoping that they will end up on as many walls as possible and in as many streets as possible.

When we made them together, we thought that those images would serve the struggle for the months and years to come, that they would be tools that could be used collectively to react if Andra makes another bullshit consultation or if the construction works begin, on the railroad or in the Bois Lejuc. They would be adaptable tools that anyone could print again and again, in Meuse or anywhere else to display everywhere our opposition to this shitty industry that won’t stop agonizing and spreading its poison.

Consequently, most posters were scanned and are now available here. Don’t hesitate to download, print, spread them by any means, to use them to illustrate future articles of this website or leaflet and zines to come!

(Some images, especially large ones, could not yet be uploaded and will soon be added to this page. If you have images that are missing, please send them to riez@riseup.net)

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* “LAUGH” in french

first published on 22/10/2020


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