[La gare] Off-road medicine training week (second edition)


From April 25 to April 30, 2022, we invite all those who wish to become familiar with the practice of medic in urban and rural events, to the old station of Luméville, in the south of the Meuse. We would like to invite especially those who have little or no experience in this field.

At a time when social struggles are intensifying all over the world and the reactions of the oppressive apparatuses are very harsh, the role of the medics can be seen as one of particular importance. A role that can increase the safety of people in street and rural demonstrations, and thus increase the effectiveness of these tactics and reduce the impact of repression on them.

Our organizational capacity allows us to invite a maximum of 50 people. If you wish to participate, please inform us in advance by email. We have 30 places in a collective house, 8 of which are in a non cismec room. Some people will have to sleep in a tent (but we have plenty of room to camp).

Information we would like to have before your arrival:
– if you are arriving alone or in a group and if your group is large.
– if you can sleep in a tent or if you need a place in a collective house. If you choose the second option, you can sleep in a mixed room or in a non mixed room.
– Do you have any special needs that we should take care of in advance (housing conditions, allergies, etc.)

Food will be vegan and plentiful, so you won’t need to bring it with you. There will also be room for non-vegan cooking. There will be a small cooking group on site, but we also want to rely on self-organization, and help from participants will be needed.

– training will be bilingual (French and English)

If you want to participate, please tell us on streetmedicbure@riseup.net.

organization of the week (can be modified according to the number of people and the desires of the participants) :

Welcome and presentation of the week and the place

Theory day (presentation of law enforcement, their weapons, the injuries they produce and how to deal with the wounds)

Practice dressings and bandages
Discussion on the politics of street medicine

Discussion on equipment and organization in a demonstration
Practical cases

Discussion on the impact of demonstrations on the mind
Simulation of practice in an event

Departure day




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