[zine] History and context of the struggle in Bure

Here is a map of the territory around Bure, with indications in the following text. It is a representation of the area, in order to better understand the different places and the high points of the struggle (Andra laboratory, the former station of Luméville, Lejuc wood, the struggle against Unitech in Joinville, the archives of Houdelaincourt, the GIP,…). The map, which is more of a bird’s eye view of reality, could be completed with other more precise documents, for a more refined vision of the territory. What was important to us here was the space left to the text.
The struggle in Bure has been going on for almost 25 years, and in order to have a more complete vision of the past years, the second part of the zine is a chronology of the struggle against Cigéo. The two parts go together, but can also be read separatly. This is why historical sequences can be redundant from time to time (Lejuc wood and 2016-2017, for example).
As with any written perception of the territory and past events, this is a subjective (although collective) vision, a kind of tool, a mean. It should not be taken for granted and is only willing to be criticized, confronted with other opinions or testimonies.
The present zine is also available in French, German and Italian.
On this beautiful pompous verbiage, we wish you a nice reading session (and more if desired) against Cigéo!

Summury :

The ANDRA’s Laboratory
La Maison de Résistance à la Poubelle Nucléaire
The Lejuc wood
The former station of Luméville-en-Ornois
In Froncles (42 km to the lab) : POMA, subcontractor of CIGEO
In Joinville (22 km to the lab) : UNITECH, another example of territory’s nuclearization
The GIP’s funding
The SAFER of land, forest and building grabbing
1) 1987-2000 : Where will be the storage site that nobody wants ?
2) 2000-2014 : Early years in Bure
3) 2014-2015 : Bure is not just a Meuse and Haute-Marne problem!
4) 2016-2017 : occupation of the Lejuc wood and agricultural resistance
5) 2017-2019 : repression on opponents intensifies
6) 2019-nowadays
7) Today’s issues : 2021 and the risk of acceleration for Cigéo’s project

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